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The Advantages of Reshoring

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Reshoring is the process of bringing outsourced jobs back to their home countries. It has become an increasingly popular trend in recent years in an effort to strengthen the American economy. This shift in business strategy can offer a wide range of benefits to businesses, both large and small, from increased efficiency and improved customer […]

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Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Metal Stampings

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Both ferrous and non-ferrous metals are suitable for precision metal stamping, each bringing unique advantages to their end-use applications. American Industrial Company (AIC) is an industry-leading fabricator of precision, high-quality non-ferrous metal stampings with over 30 years of experience. With expertise in a wide range of industries, AIC can help you with all your stamping […]

Laser cutting technology

Metal Laser Cutting 101

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Laser cutting is one of the most effective and popular alternatives to traditional metal cutting. It offers numerous impressive benefits, such as high precision and cleaner edges than those achieved with waterjet cutting or turret-punching. In fact, the edges achieved with laser cutting are so precise that no secondary finishing processes are necessary. Depending on […]

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AIC’s Ultimate Guide to Roof Flashing

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Flashing is a thin sheet of material that prevents water from entering cracks and other openings in a roof. Roofers apply the material under the shingles to repel water and redirect it to a location like the gutters. Flashing is vital to protect various roofing vulnerabilities, including where the roof meets the wall, edges, low […]

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Reshoring – All You Need to Know

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Over time, manufacturing industries shifted production from the United States to countries like China. Offshoring, the practice of moving a company’s manufacturing facilities overseas, began in the late 1970s. Many companies made the move to capitalize on lower labor costs and lenient environmental regulations in foreign countries, thus enabling them to generate higher profits for […]

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Top 3 Reasons to Choose American Industrial Company for Your Metal Stamping Needs

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Click to Expand American Industrial Company is leading the way for metal stamping manufacturers with high-quality custom solutions for our clients throughout North America and in Europe. With a 25,000-square-foot facility just north of Chicago O’Hare airport, we specialize in turnkey packages that take your project from design to prototype to precise finished product. Since […]

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The Advantages of Cold Rolled Metal Stamping vs. Hot Rolled Metal Stamping

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Depending on your application, you may be wondering whether hot rolled or cold rolled metal stamping is the best choice. Each provides advantages for different applications. However, the chemical composition of a material grade can differ depending on the manufacturing process. This blog will explore the differences between hot roll and cold rolled steel and […]

electronic components

Why Choose Metal Stamping for Electronic Components?

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The electronics industry is constantly changing. New technological innovations come out rapidly, and that means that manufacturers need to stay on top of current trends and produce innovative new items quickly, accurately, and cost-effectively. An expansive range of electronics available on the market today contain components that were stamped (or could have been). Precision metal stamping […]

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The Metal Stamping Forecast for 2021

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Because so many industries rely on metal stamping for their precision metal parts, metal stamping services remained in demand throughout 2020, despite the many changes and challenges the world experienced due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Efficient and cost-effective, metal stamping allows for accurate production with an automated process that reduces a company’s labor costs. You can […]

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The Importance of Metal Stamping for Power Tools and Construction

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The construction and power tool industry is integral for many tasks around the globe from creating homes and commercial buildings to use in everyday life. Since power tools and construction equipment are often exposed to harsh building environments, such as extreme temperatures, impacts, vibrations, and more, the industry relies on high-quality stampings capable of withstanding […]