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Metal Stamping in Aftermarket Auto Part Manufacturing

While the automotive aftermarket is just one step of a lengthy development and sales process, it is in itself a diverse field, encompassing everything from entertainment features and accessories to replacement parts and car servicing.

metal-stamping-aftermarket-auto-part-manufacturingAs the industry shifts, various automotive aftermarket industry trends are emerging. For instance, within the B2C auto aftermarket, sales are shifting from traditional methods to e-commerce. Direct selling — from original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to consumers — is also becoming more common.

Aftermarket car parts manufacturers, such as automotive metal stamping companies — and the garages, service centers, and fleets they sell to — are also part of this shift; as B2C sales shift toward e-commerce, so too do B2B sales.

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Finally, factors such as vehicle lifespan and improved quality of aftermarket car parts are allowing the automotive aftermarket industry to grow.

The market will continue to shift as digital service aggregation becomes more prevalent, integrating B2B and B2C business models and allowing consumers to easily connect with suppliers to procure aftermarket auto body parts and accessories through third-party aggregators.

Popular Aftermarket Auto Parts

At American Industrial Company, we can produce a wide range of aftermarket auto parts, from small prototypes to high volumes of complex parts.

For instance, one of our clients required a part that would safely secure an automotive floor mat. We formed a cold rolled steel (CRS) bracket utilizing cold tooling and created the profile on a press brake. To provide strength cost-effectively, we then utilized spot welding for the assembly.

After a quality check, the bracket components were zinc and clear chromate plated to prevent rust and corrosion. All of the brackets were produced well within the ±0.010 inch tolerance requirement.

These types of brackets are among the most common aftermarket parts requested from automotive metal stamping companies. Steering wheel spokes and other components, horn buttons, and rearview mirror mounting plates are also common, as well as motorcycle parts, such as GPS mounting plates, motor mounts, foot pegs, and bearing retainers. These parts and accessories can be made from various materials, including cold rolled steel, stainless steel, aluminum, etc.

Metal stamping and automotive metal fabrication companies are particularly well-equipped to handle the diverse demands of the automotive aftermarket, as state-of-the-art equipment can produce parts with great precision and accuracy, handling mass-market-sized runs efficiently and inexpensively. Many manufacturers also offer comprehensive value-added services, such as heat treating, finishing, and painting.

How We Help Automotive Aftermarket Companies

As the industry shifts, it becomes increasingly important to keep up with automotive aftermarket news and trends. American Industrial Company — a family-owned business specializing in precision metal stamping and laser cutting — is here to help you find the right approach for your next project.

To learn more about how metal stampers can help you with your automotive aftermarket needs, download our free automotive aftermarket infographic.

The Automotive Industry’s Record-Breaking November

This past November proved to be one of the most lucrative and successful for the American automotive industry. With the abundance of enticing Black Friday deals and the added benefit of low gas prices for drivers, the industry experienced a record high in automotive sales for the month.

Automotive SalesIn fact, November 2015 was so profitable that it reached a 1.4% sales increase over November 2014, totaling a whopping 15.82 million vehicles sold from January through November of this year. At this rate, 2015 promises to be a likely record-breaking year.  Buoyed by the month’s striking sales numbers, the industry is on track to rival the $17.35 million sales peak attained back in 2000, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Reduced Gas Prices Contribute to Sales

GasolineGas prices, which remained relatively stable throughout the past year, also offered consistency to those who recently purchased vehicles. Averaging around two dollars a gallon, these dependable prices likely contributed to the industry’s successful month – and a successful year overall. Lower prices encourage drivers not only to use their current vehicles more frequently and for longer trips, but to purchase new vehicles with the added benefit of future fuel savings.

Due to this influx of favorable trends, many auto dealers and car makers can now afford to offer competitive financing and significant discounts to consumers. With deals high and gas prices low, the current landscape of the automotive industry is especially conducive to an increase in overall purchases.

American Industrial and the Automotive Industry

Established in 1981, American Industrial is the premier source of precision metal stamping and die cutting services. We are proud to provide high quality and comprehensive manufacturing services to the entire automotive industry. Our ISO 9001:2008 certified facility is located in close proximity to Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport, and offers us the ability to respond quickly and efficiently to all consumer requests.

At American Industrial, we specialize in servicing customers across the automotive industry; we provide precise, reliable delivery to the entire industrial vertical. In order to complete a recent project, for example, American Industrial was tasked with designing twelve custom brackets for a high visibility prototyping venture, each of which would work to ensure a secure floor mat for automotive applications.

Employing top notch operations and spot welding for assembly, we created a bracket comprised of cold rolled steel and formed with cold tooling. After a broad and complete quality assessment, the brackets of the component were subject to a clear chromate and zinc plating in order to resist future corrosion or rust. The project was completed within a three-week delivery frame and thorough documentation of inspection processes was provided.

At American Industrial, we are proud to produce quality parts for a range of services within the automotive industry. To learn more about American Industrial’s ability to produce new and efficient auto products and metal components, download our automotive infographic today.