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Metal Stamping Is a Key Element of Automotive Assembly

Metal stamping is a crucial element for various applications in the automotive industry. The metal stamping process produces components with extremely tight tolerances through the use of specialized stamping dies, which shape and cut the workpiece to the desired form and size. Typical stamped parts used in the automotive industry include fenders, hubcaps, and many other critical components.


Metal Stamping Technologies for Automotive Components

The introduction of newer, more technologically advanced stamping processes has improved the efficiency and effectiveness of metal stamping operations. Advanced metal stamping processes, such as hybrid electromagnetically assisted sheet metal stamping tools, improve formability, and alter the strain distribution in sheet metal stamping.

Continuous improvements in metal stamping technologies and highly advanced state-of-the-art machinery and equipment enable automotive metal stampers to produce parts with extreme precision and very tight tolerances. Today’s automotive metal stamping processes allow a wide variety of metals, including copper, stainless steel, carbon steel, and exotic alloys, to be efficiently stamped and formed into automotive components.


Metal Stamped Automotive Applications

The automotive market encompasses a variety of products. In addition to components required for the manufacture of automobiles, there is a large and growing aftermarket of custom parts. Custom aftermarket components and parts enable consumers to individualize their vehicle to meet their needs.

Both original manufacturer’s equipment and aftermarket products are often critical components that are required to meet strict industry standards to ensure safety and reliability. Metal stamping for automotive applications requires fabricators to manufacture precision components that meet specific requirements and have extremely tight tolerances. Metal fabricators in this sector employ various fabrication techniques and technologies to manufacture parts and products that meet these rigorous standards.

sheet metal car door

Metal stamping processes are used to create a range of essential automotive parts and are incredibly cost-effective solutions for manufacturing customized automotive parts. Metal stamped automotive parts include:

  • Floor mat securement brackets
  • Horn buttons
  • Rearview mirror mounting plates
  • Steering wheel components and brakes
  • Fuel Injectors
  • Fuel Pressure Regulators
  • Seat Latches

Metal Stamping Continues to Grow in the Automotive Industry

Metal stamping for automotive applications is projected to continue to grow and expand in the coming years. Industry forecasts predict that by 2025 the worldwide demand for metal stamped automotive parts will reach nearly $300 billion.

car fender sheet metal

This incredible growth rate is due in part to technological advancements of metal stamping processes that are employed in a variety of growing industries such as industrial machinery, automotive, aerospace, consumer appliances, and more. As these industries continue to grow and expand, they are also increasing their dependence and use of metal components, which further fuels the growth of the metal stamping industry. The strength and flexibility of metal stamped parts enable automobile manufacturers to maintain the required safety standards while reducing consumer costs.

Several factors will contribute to the explosive growth that is expected in the metal stamping industry. Metal stamping is a low-cost manufacturing process that reduces the waste of raw materials. Metal stamping for automotive applications increases sheet metal usage in the production of automobile chassis, transmission components, and interior and exterior structural components.

The use of metal alloys such as titanium, cast aluminum, cast iron, and forged steel for engines and critical components are expected to continue to grow, and metal stamping is a versatile, dependable, and affordable method for manufacturing. Technological advancements such as the use of hybrid electromagnetically assisted sheet metal stamping machines have improved the quality of metal stamped automotive parts.

Learn More About Metal Stamping for Automotive Assembly

At American Industrial Company, we specialize in complete turnkey packages designed to enable your company to develop products from the design and prototype stage to completed precision metal stampings that are ready for the automotive market.

Our experienced team of designers, engineers, and fabrication specialists are committed to providing our clients with the highest quality products available. Our 25,000 square foot facility enables us to meet all of your manufacturing needs. To learn more about metal stamping for automotive assembly and how we can help get your product to market, download our eBook, “Metal Stamping and Forming for Your Automotive Applications” today.

Metal Stamping and Your Commercial Lighting Needs

Precision metal stamping is a highly versatile manufacturing process that facilitates the creation of a wide range of industrial, commercial, and residential parts and products, including lighting components. It accommodates the use of aluminum, brass, cold rolled steel, and stainless steel, all of which are materials that demonstrate the proper strength and precision manufacturability needed for critical lighting pieces.

The following article provides an overview of the role metal stamping plays in the commercial lighting sector. Additionally, it highlights other key industrial applications of the process.

The Role of Metal Stamping in the Commercial Lighting Sector

Commercial lighting refers to the lighting used in industrial and commercial facilities, such as offices, hospitals, stores, schools, and government institutions. As each of these environments has different lighting requirements, the lighting systems employed in them must be tailored accordingly. For example:

  • In hospitals, lighting is used to keep employees awake and alert and improve visibility during high-precision surgical operations.
  • In offices, lighting is used to establish environmental conditions that jumpstart productivity and employee morale.
  • commercial office lightingIn retail stores, lighting is used to entice shoppers into the store and highlight specific product lines or items.
  • In schools and government buildings, lighting is used to create safer and more pleasing conditions in highly trafficked areas, such as lobbies, walkways, and hallways.

The metal stamping process enables manufacturers to produce custom lighting components that suit the unique needs of individual facilities. From clips, covers, and covers to sensitive electronic assemblies, the process turns out high-precision, high-accuracy parts and products used in both standard and custom lighting systems.

Metal stamping already plays a significant role in the manufacture of commercial lighting components. However, the expected growth of the LED lighting market over the next five years, particularly in regard to the architectural, commercial, and residential sectors, necessitates the expansion of the metal stamping industry to meet rising customer demand.

Other Key Industrial Applications of Metal Stamping

Metal stampings find application in a wide range of industries, as parts and components of a wide range of product assemblies, such as appliances, electronics, tools, vehicles, and, of course, lighting fixtures. Beyond the commercial lighting sector, the process is also often used by companies in the following industries:

Contact the Metal Stamping Experts at American Industrial Company (AIC)

metal stampingVersatility, precision, and accuracy are among some of the top reasons that industry professionals in the commercial lighting sector employ the metal stamping process for the manufacture of their components and assemblies. If you need quality metal stampings for your lighting system, turn to the experts at AIC.

At American Industrial Company (AIC), we provide high-quality metal stamped components to customers around the world. Since 1981, we have been dedicated to the production of superior parts and committed to providing the best service in the industry. For additional information about our metal stamping capabilities or pricing details for your next commercial lighting project, contact us today.

AIC Takes Preventative Measures Against COVID-19

Dear Valued Customers and Suppliers,

In an effort to ensure the safety and security of our employees, customers, and suppliers, we have been watching closely as the global situation with COVID-19 continues to evolve. We would like to make you aware of our plans to manage and combat this situation. Effective immediately, American Industrial Company is putting into place the following preventative measures in our facilities:

Firstly, any employee who chooses to travel via a commercial airline or cruise ship will be required to remain at home for 14 days upon their return. Furthermore, any employees showing signs of illness will not be permitted to work until medical clearance is obtained.

Secondly, we are working closely with our engineers, service crews, and drivers to ensure frequent hand washing and proper hygienic measures such as PPE are worn as required. Sanitation of all high-touch surfaces in our workshop including tools, instruments, equipment, etc.

hand washing corona

Lastly, be advised that American Industrial Company will continue to operate to provide in-shop services during the COVID-19 outbreak to customers and other essential services, both commercial and industrial. We will remain staffed and are responding to calls. Our staffing levels will be made based on government recommendations.

The health and safety of our customers, suppliers and teammates continues to be American Industrial Company’s priority moving forward. We will be reaching out to make you aware of any and all updates as necessary.



American Industrial Company 

American Manufacturers: The Optimal Metal Cutting Choice

There are a number of factors to be considered when choosing the best manufacturer for your project. You want quality and savings—but location is an often overlooked and vitally important aspect to weigh as well. In an attempt to lower production costs, many companies have relocated manufacturing overseas. However, there are actually a huge number of long-term benefits to working with an American manufacturers based in the United States that cannot be gained through overseas outsourcing.

metal stamping vendor

Benefits of Using American Manufacturing

One of the first and foremost benefits of working with manufacturers based in the U.S. is that it enables you to support the economy at both a local and national level. For current industrial workers living in the U.S., manufacturing offer quality pay and benefits. By choosing to work with an American manufacturing company, you are helping to support the U.S. workforce—this means that American families will be better supported financially, enabling them to thrive. In turn, this helps to stimulate the economy as workers have more income to spend or invest.


In addition to supporting American workers and improving the economy, making use of American manufacturing has another great benefit—it can make your business significantly more appealing to your customer base. Many consumers value principles such as environmental stewardship, human rights, and other sustainable initiatives, often choosing to purchase from companies that have demonstrated dedication to upholding these standards. American manufacturers tend to lean toward eco-friendly operations to reduce carbon footprints and comply with various legal requirements that may not be in place in other countries.


Given that ocean shipping is one of the largest causes of greenhouse gas emissions, your company can greatly reduce its carbon footprint simply by working with American manufacturers rather than constantly using international shipping. This is more affordable for you, better for the planet, and appealing to consumers.

Cost and Time Saved

Working with American manufacturers can also save you a significant amount of time and money throughout the production process. Although products manufactured overseas may initially seem to have lower production costs, the amount of control you retain over production done in the U.S. helps to save money in the long run.


Since goods made in America don’t have as far to travel in order to get to their final destination, the amount of time between production and sale is drastically reduced when compared to overseas manufacturing. This acceleration means that you get paid faster, your products get to market faster, and it also enables more rapid and accurate forecast responses.


Additionally, being geographically close to your production facility can offer immense peace of mind. You can set stricter standards and specifications on your products, as you will be able to check in and exercise greater control over the process. This means no unpleasant surprises—if a problem occurs, or your needs aren’t being met, it is significantly easier for you quickly catch and correct the issue.


Higher standards and fewer unexpected problems mean that you will save both time and money while ultimately producing a higher quality product.

American-Based Manufacturing at American Industrial Company

While working with an overseas manufacturer may initially seem more cost-effective, choosing to work with an American manufacturer will ultimately save you time and money, produce a higher quality product, boost the U.S. economy, and reduce your carbon footprint. Here at American Industrial Company, we provide complete turnkey packages for companies around the world.


We work with our clients every step of the way, from design through completed precision metal stampings. Please contact us to learn more about how we can help with your next project.


Flexibility & Efficiency: Precision Laser Cutting

Laser cutting is a commonly used process throughout the manufacturing industry and employs a high-powered, focused laser beam to cut materials into a variety of custom designs and shapes. It has become indispensable in a wide range of settings, from hobbyists to small industry to major industrial manufacturing. Below are some of the many advantages precision laser cutting offers. 


american-industrial-laser-cuttingThe pinpoint accuracy of lasers gives them unparalleled precision when cutting parts from a variety of materials. They are equally effective at cutting metal, glass, wood, plastic, gemstones, paper, and more. Traditional cutting methods required different techniques for each material; but with lasers, you can control the beam in a number of ways by adjusting the heat it generates, its intensity, and the duration of the beam, letting you work with a variety of materials and cutting styles. 

Lasers can easily be adapted to produce nearly any shape in materials of all thicknesses. This flexibility makes them useful in an array of projects, including vehicle bodies and cell phone casing. 

Less Time Consumption

american-industrial-metal-stampingThe setup process of laser cutting is simpler than traditional processes, saving manufacturers a great deal of time and labor. Because there is no hard-tooling involved, the setup times are dramatically shorter. Eliminating the need for tool changeover and maintaining a punch press frees up expensive time. 

In contrast to traditional cutting processes, the only setup time laser cutting requires is loading the needed material and programming the machine. This makes the entire setup process faster and lower in cost. Manufacturers can also quickly adjust the laser cutting equipment meet different needs, so they can easily change projects. 

Contact American Industrial for Your Laser Cutting Needs 

Laser cutting is an extremely accurate form of cutting, using highly focused energy and pressure. This capability enables precise cuts on smaller surfaces. The precision of laser cutting also conserves material, because it significantly reduces heat waste and leftover scrap material. Because the point of the laser is highly focused and compact, lasers can cut intricate and complex shapes. The resulting products have smooth edges and precise finishes.

One of the manufacturing sectors that uses laser cutting heavily is stamped metal manufacturing. As with many other industries, American Industrial finds the effectiveness, versatility, and time savings of laser cutting to be irreplaceable. 

Since 1981, we have manufactured top quality metal products, with unwavering attention to detail. We have the highest attention to ISO 9001:2015 standards and ensure each project is completed to our client’s satisfaction. 

 Contact Us Today for more information about our laser cutting services or to Request a Quote on a new project.



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Metal Stamping Continues to Grow in 2019-2020

american-industrial-metal-stampingThe popularity of metal stamping shows no signs of slowing down as we move into 2020. By 2025, the worldwide demand is expected to reach almost $300 billion. This significant growth is in part due to the process’s use in a wide variety of applications in many booming industries, such as industrial machinery, automotive, aerospace, consumer appliances, and more. As these industries continue to grow, they’re also increasing their use of—and reliance on— metal, which further supports the proliferation of metal stamping.

Factors Affecting Metal Stamping’s Growth

In the manufacturing sector, many of the factors influencing the growth of metal stamping stem from the process’s use of  metal. Compared to other materials, the advantages of using metal for the manufacture of parts and products include its:

  • Versatility
  • Dependability
  • Affordability

These material qualities allow manufacturers to produce high quality parts with lower investment costs, resulting in greater profits. 


As the demand for  metal products grows, so too does the creativity within the industry. To remain competitive and set themselves apart, manufacturers are forced to come up with new methods of using the material. This drive for innovation is good for everyone as it results in technological advancements that further expand the scope of the process. As more and more businesses see the value of  metal and offer stamping capabilities to their customers, their competitors increasingly feel the pressure to invest in it as well.

Industry Trends in Metal Stamping

The applications for metal stamping are nearly countless, and you come into contact with metal stamped products every day. Here are just a few of the ways metal stamping is used:

  • Automotive. The strength and flexibility of metal stamped parts allow automobile manufacturers to maintain the required safety standards while reducing consumer costs. There’s also a push to make vehicles more fuel efficient, which necessitates the use of lightweight materials like aluminum. According to Forbes, one result of this push is Ford’s 2015 F-150 model, which has a curb weight that consists of roughly 25% aluminum. 
  • Aerospace. In the United States, due in part to low fuels costs and increased worldwide trade, the aerospace industry is expected to grow 2.8% in 2018 and 3.4% in 2019 and 2020. To meet these demand levels, one of the biggest pushes in the industry is for greater fuel efficiency. Ultralight planes—such as those produced with metal stamping techniques—facilitate lower fuel usage and related costs. 
  • Solar. It’s not always possible or economical to bring traditional power sources to remote or impoverished areas. For these situations, solar energy is an ideal solution, and metal stamping makes it easier to provides solar energy to these regions.
  • Agriculture. Automated processing equipment and other machinery that uses metal stamped parts often cost less to maintain and repair, saving farmers and ranchers time and money.

Contact American Industrial for Your Metal Stamping Needs

american-industrial-metal-stampingSince 1981, American Industrial Company has offered turnkey packages—from initial design to delivery of a finished metal stamping—to domestic and international customers in a variety of industries. Our team is excited to be part of an industry that is experiencing so much growth and development. As a company, we’re committed to staying on top of metal stamping trends and advancements so we can continue to offer high quality products and services.

With top-of-the-line equipment and years of experience, we’re confident we can meet all your metal stamping needs. 

Contact Us or Request a Quote today to hear more or partner with us on your next metal stamping project.

AIC On the Front Lines: America’s Household

Located in the heart of the Midwest, American Industrial Company (AIC) has delivered high-quality precision metal stamping services for almost 40 years. Filling orders from our 25,000-square-foot facility in Gurnee, IL, our metal stamping services enhance the functionality and aesthetic appeal of a wide variety of appliances.

Whether you need fastening components for a refrigeration unit or industrial mounts for wraps, AIC’s American-made solutions will meet all your household appliance needs.


We offer stamped metal solutions from brackets to bolts to complex contact elements. Each piece delivers the precision, polish, and functionality to match your specifications without sacrificing durability and efficiency. Our metal stamps can withstand hard and repetitive use, and they hold up against inclement weather, extreme temperatures, and wear and tear.

Find our metal stamps in:

  • Ranges, ovens, and cooktops
  • Outdoor grills
  • Outdoor, indoor, and industrial refrigerators
  • Freezers and ice machines
  • Trash compactors and disposals
  • Microwaves and toaster ovens
  • Industrial mounts and dispensers for wraps, tapes, and foils
  • Custom lighting and light boxes

We also craft fastening components for products including furniture, luggage, packaging, and industrial machines. Our range of products, from simple latches to complex pneumatic contact elements, literally hold our world together.

We work with you to incorporate unique finishes, designs, and polishes into all our components to match your product’s branding, and we ensure that all processes meet our high precision and craftsmanship standards. Our elite industry specialists produce all metal stamps in-house.


End-product manufacturers use our components in a wide variety of appliances. We work with the materials you specify to give you the product you deserve.

Some materials we work with include:

  • Stainless steel
  • Copper
  • Carbon steel
  • Bronze
  • Brass and corrosion-resistant brass
  • Specialty alloys

Using these materials, we’re a one-stop-shop for services including:

We also offer specialized services such as:

  • Heat treating
  • Electroless and electroplating
  • Screen printing

On top of these services, we provide state-of-the-art prototyping, producing quality products for testing and marketing. Our full suite of ISO 9001:2015–certified manufacturing equipment guarantees that we’ll fill your order without delay.

American-Made Excellence

We pride ourselves on our experience, our employees, and our American-made solutions. From prototyping to finishing, we’ll help you craft the perfect parts for your appliances. We’re proud to offer turn-key solutions for your tool-making, forming, design, stamping, and finishing necessities, and we’ll work relentlessly to ensure that every client walks out our door satisfied.

If you want to learn more about the benefits of working with a full-service stamper and discover why we might be the right metal stamper for you, download our guide on finding the best metal stamping solutions. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our team to learn more about our precision metal and custom appliance stamping.

AIC on the Front Lines: America’s Miners

The robustness of manufactured products are crucial to the success of mining operations, and American Industrial understands the importance of precision tools in the mining industry. The harsh environments in which workers, parts, and equipment need to operate demand durability, accuracy, and safety to ensure that operations continue smoothly and efficiently with minimal downtime.

Leaders in the American Mining Industry

Being an established manufacturer since 1981, American Industrial provides excellent quality products to our clients. As an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, we follow best practices in our manufacturing operation to ensure quality and safety.

These standards enable us to fabricate premier products within given design parameters using precision processes such as close-tolerance stamping and precision machining. Using hot rolled and cold rolled steel, we’re capable of meeting the stringent demands and tolerances of a variety of applications within the mining industry.

Hot Rolled Steel

In the hot rolling process, steel is first heated above its recrystallization temperature – typically above 1,000° F for most types of steel. After heating, the steel becomes malleable, which allows it to be easily molded into a wide range of desired shapes and forms. The steel contracts as it cools, which offers reduced control over the size and shape.

Hot rolled steel is recommended for:

  • Large products with easily manageable tolerances
  • Designs where exact dimensions are not required
  • Applications with strict budget requirements
  • Fabricating hot rolled bars and sheet metal for construction, welding, and other applications

Cold Rolled Steel

Cold rolled steel is a refined form of hot rolled steel. Cold rolling refers to the additional processing the steel goes through after the hot rolling process. Cold rolling involves strain hardening, which occurs when the hot rolled, cooled steel is rerolled once it reaches room temperature.

Cold rolling increases the strength and hardness of the steel, ensures a smooth finish, and allows for increased precision and meeting exact design dimensions.

Cold rolled steel is recommended for:

  • Small products
  • Products with demanding tolerances
  • Applications that require highly durable steel

Cold Rolled Stamped Box Filter Assembly for the Mining Industry

Recently, we manufactured a cold rolled stamped box filter assembly at the request of a prominent mining industry client. They required a custom solution to filter out fine dust and particles during mining operations. The solution was integral to improving quality of life and safety for the miners.

We set our most experienced design engineers and technicians to work laying out a production plan. The box filter was manufactured from cold rolled 1008/1010 steel with 12-gauge galvanized wires. Despite the custom nature of the project, we completed design, fabrication, and delivery in only 10 days while adhering to our high-quality in-house practices.


Download our free eBook guide for comparing and evaluating the various grades, composition, and applications of cold rolled steel

Material Selection Guide - Cold Rolled Steel

AIC for the Mining Industry

American Industrial Company (AIC) is proud to be an American manufacturer and reliable contributor to the U.S. mining industry. With more than 37 years of experience in the precision metal stamping industry, we offer advanced solutions at great costs – all while providing safe environments to our workers and boosting the domestic economy.

Our ISO 9001:2015 certification attests to the quality and precision we uphold in our operation every day. Our expertise, flexibility, and experience ensure have helped us to earn the trust of clients from a comprehensive range of industries and applications.

Contact our experts today to hear more about hot rolled steel, cold rolled steel, or to discuss how we can help with your unique application,

AIC on the Front Lines: America’s Builders

American Industrial Company (AIC) takes pride in being an American manufacturer with an intense focus on creating American manufacturing jobs and quality products. From our Midwestern facility in Illinois, our dedicated staff assists a wide range of customers across myriad industries with the design and fabrica

tion of metal stamped parts that meet the most stringent standards in the industry.

Whether we are inside our own manufacturing facility or working with customers across the United States, providing safe conditions for our workers and top quality products for our customers are our two highest priorities. Our ISO 9001:2015 certification speaks to our commitment to quality management and represents our pledge to our employees and customers.

Metal Stamping

The metal stamped parts we fabricate for the construction industry must be durable, able to withstand hard uses, and resist exposure to all manner of elements—from brutal weather fronts to sub-zero temperatures. Metal stamped parts must also hold up to repetitive and aggressive employ, resist wear and tear, and tolerate the impacts and lifting associated with building operations as they are implemented to support current or future populated structures.

At AIC, we have been contributing to American manufacturing, across diverse industries, for almost four decades—everything from dental offices to homes, from skyscrapers to tools.

Our metal stamping serves the needs of applications large and small, such as:

Carbon Steel Metal Stamping: Progressive Die-Stamped Wear Plate

Carbon steel is idyllic for pipelines, structural beams, axles, and gears. It is ductile and easily molded into myriad shapes that can serve a variety of purposes. At AIC, we are often called upon to produce carbon steel to an exact specifications, such as:

  • Strength
  • Hardness
  • Toughness
  • Tight tolerances
  • High levels of complexity

We were approached by a prominent manufacturer for the construction industry about designing a wear plate that adhered to a very specific set of durability requirements and difficult geometric tolerances. We developed a progressive die stamping method which enabled us to meet all of the complex bends, angles, and strength requirements of the application. Within two weeks, we designed the wear plate, fabricated 150,000 units from cold rolled tempered steel, treated the wear plates with nitrocarburizing treatment to guard against corrosion, and delivered to the customer.

Spring Steel Stamping: Shear Block

At AIC, we fabricate custom-made precision dies that play a major role in American manufacturing. These dies enable the fabrication of custom precision parts that meet a range of extremely tight tolerances requested by clients.

For example, a client approached us for a custom shear block that required coining and extruding, which means die tapping and eliminating the entire post framing process. Requirements for the finished part were 3.45- by 2.554- by 0.093-inches in thickness. Through the use of high-quality materials and advanced heat treating processes, we were able to design and fabricate a part that required no secondary finishing. This enabled us to manufacture and deliver on the order in advance of the client’s deadline.

AIC Supports the American Building Industry

American Industrial Company brings nearly four decades of key contributions to American manufacturing to the table. We are humbled to see our innovations at work every day at U.S. construction sites. American manufacturers offer advanced technologies at a great cost while providing safe environments for American workers. American-based manufacturing boosts our domestic economy, and it is through American ingenuity that productivity and innovation thrive.  

To learn more about what our team of American manufacturing experts can do for you, please contact us or download our eBook, Made in America: AIC’s In-House Capabilities.





Services of an Optimal Metal Stamping Vendor

Choosing a Metal Stamping Vendor

The U.S. manufacturing industry produces almost 20% of the world’s goods and continues to look for innovative technology and techniques. These constant updates means there are many options when choosing products, services, and associated vendors. With this variety of choices, it may seem difficult to differentiate between each company. If you’re searching for a metal stamping vendor, there are four distinct factors to consider.

Question Their Services and Capabilities

As you begin the search for a metal stamping vendor, learn what specific services and capabilities the manufacturer provides. Stamping can be one of many available processes, including coining, progressive stamping, piercing, and shallow draw stamping, so it’s important to understand precisely what services are offered. Additionally, many companies have ancillary services that can reduce delivery time and costs.

When you are talking to metal stamping companies, consider the following questions:

  • Do they have the necessary capabilities to meet the requirements of your project?
  • What specific services are offered and how might they benefit your company?
  • What are their material capabilities?
  • Is the company using the most current AutoCAD and Edgecam software?
  • What are their testing procedures for material hardness, as well as destructive and non-destructive testing?

Supplier Capacity

You should also think about the overall capacity of the metal stamping vendor. Some suppliers only serve large volume customers, so if you’re a hobbyist or inventor looking for limited production, it may be harder to find a vendor that can meet your needs in an efficient and timely manner.

When investigating supplier capacity, ask the vendors:

  • At what capacity do you primarily perform?
  • Is my project a good fit for your capacity?

Look for High-Quality Practices

When selecting a vendor, make sure they are committed to the quality of their output. Suppliers who are focused on this will have specific programs in place, such as capacity studies, statistical process control, and quality assurance systems.

To better understand what steps a vendor is taking to ensure quality, ask:

  • Do you know the industry standards required for manufacturing my part?
  • How often do you perform tooling maintenance?
  • What quality assurance measures do you have in place to prevent mistakes or defects?
  • How do you test the parts you produce and how do you document your testing?

Delivery Track Record

Once you have found a vendor that meets your quality and capacity expectations, ask about their delivery record. A reputable company will have documentation to show they meet the timeline requirements of their customers.

Questions to ask:

  • Do you have documentation that shows you can deliver on time?
  • What will you do to ensure on-time delivery if there are disruptions to your supply chain?


A Metal Stamping Vendor for Your Project

American Industrial Company has been serving customers for over 33 years. Our goal isn’t just to meet your metal stamping needs; it’s to exceed your expectations.

To learn more about picking a metal stamping vendor for your project, download our eBook, What to Look for in a Metal Stamping Vendor.