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Why You Should Avoid Scrap Generation and How to Do It

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Many manufacturing operations and machine shops consider excess metal scrap as part of the cost of doing business. As a result, many manufacturers fail to implement planning and process improvements that can minimize the amount of scrap they generate during production. While scrap can be recycled to recoup some financial loss, minimizing scrap generation has […]

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The Optimal Metal Finishing For Your Industry Application


The optimal metal finishing chosen for an application can significantly influence the performance and success of a project. When selecting the finish for a part or product, it is important to keep in mind what best suits the specific use case. The following blog post provides an overview of the different finishes available, including their […]

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Why Choose Our Laser Cutting Services for Your Manufacturing Needs?

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Laser cutting is one of the most commonly used processes in metal fabrication as it offers many advantages over traditional techniques. Laser cutting is a versatile and reliable process that creates precise, flawless parts while keeping lead times short. AIC provides high quality laser cutting services for sheet metal and other materials to meet our […]

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What Demand Trends to Watch in Metal Stamping?

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Metal stamping has been on the rise for years as demand for intricate metal components continues to increase in a variety of industries, including aerospace, automotive, defense, and personal electronics. In 2019, the market value was $220 billion and from 2020 to 2027, the industry expects a CAGR of 2.8 percent.   Meeting the growing metal […]

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Onshore Metal Stamping Solutions-Why Work With American Industrial Company?

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At American Industrial Company (AIC), we are a true single-source manufacturer of precision metal stampings. We offer complete turnkey packages that include everything from designing and prototyping to stamping and cutting the metal components. Equipped with over three decades of metal stamping and tool and die experience and state-of-the-art metalworking technology, we have the knowledge, […]

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Metal Stamping Is a Key Element of Automotive Assembly

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Metal stamping is a crucial element for various applications in the automotive industry. The metal stamping process produces components with extremely tight tolerances through the use of specialized stamping dies, which shape and cut the workpiece to the desired form and size. Typical stamped parts used in the automotive industry include fenders, hubcaps, and many […]

Metal Stamping and Your Commercial Lighting Needs

Metal Stamping and Your Commercial Lighting Needs

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Precision metal stamping is a highly versatile manufacturing process that facilitates the creation of a wide range of industrial, commercial, and residential parts and products, including lighting components. It accommodates the use of aluminum, brass, cold rolled steel, and stainless steel, all of which are materials that demonstrate the proper strength and precision manufacturability needed […]

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AIC Takes Preventative Measures Against COVID-19

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Dear Valued Customers and Suppliers, In an effort to ensure the safety and security of our employees, customers, and suppliers, we have been watching closely as the global situation with COVID-19 continues to evolve. We would like to make you aware of our plans to manage and combat this situation. Effective immediately, American Industrial Company […]

American Manufacturers: The Optimal Metal Cutting Choice

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There are a number of factors to be considered when choosing the best manufacturer for your project. You want quality and savings—but location is an often overlooked and vitally important aspect to weigh as well. In an attempt to lower production costs, many companies have relocated manufacturing overseas. However, there are actually a huge number […]


Flexibility & Efficiency: Precision Laser Cutting

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Laser cutting is a commonly used process throughout the manufacturing industry and employs a high-powered, focused laser beam to cut materials into a variety of custom designs and shapes. It has become indispensable in a wide range of settings, from hobbyists to small industry to major industrial manufacturing. Below are some of the many advantages […]

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