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U.S. Production Costs Becoming Competitive With China

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A new report has shown that over the past 10 years, manufacturing in the United States has started to become more competitive compared to many low-cost rivals- the most notable one being China. Today, U.S. factories are able to produce goods at cheaper prices than many of those produced in Eastern Europe. According to the […]


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The American Shop Floor – An Infographic

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With new technologies, rules, and regulations being tossed into the mix each day, the typical manufacturing shop floors of America have been constantly evolving over the years to reach their current state. But how exactly do we describe the current state of these shops? Who are they serving the most, and what machines are now […]


New Manufacturing Facility Cooling Water Intake Regulations from the EPA

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To cool their plants and facilities, many industrial manufacturers utilize large volumes of water from various bodies of naturally occurring water.  The list includes oceans, estuaries, rivers, and lakes. Although this has been done for decades, there has been growing concern and debate about possible damage that is caused by the intake systems to the […]

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Maintaining Quality with The Micro Vu Matrix

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At American Industrial., we emphasize quality in every aspect of our quality assurance testing services. We incorporate advanced technology, using the latest inspection/measuring systems such as the manual Micro-Vu Matrix video system. Our system, model 9050A, offers many features to deliver consistent quality measurements that typical optical comparators cannot.

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The Problem with Outsourcing

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One of the biggest conversations surrounding American manufacturing these days is reshoring; companies of all sizes are bringing business and jobs back to American soil. It’s welcome news for the industry. As some companies still make the decision to outsource—and as many of us focus on the reshoring trend—what many people are not talking about […]

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Precision Metal Stamping

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When people think American Industrial Company, we hope they immediately think of precision metal stamping. As we have centered our company on the stamping process, as opposed to other manufacturing processes, we certainly hope that is what we are best known for. Here, each day revolves around best serving our customers through precision metal stamping […]

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Selecting the Best Materials for your Project

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American Industrial Company works with a variety of materials.  Two of the most utilized metals are Cold Rolled Steel and Stainless Steel.  We created two material selection charts for both of these materials in order to take the guess work out of what grade is best for specific applications.  Below is a brief summary of […]

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Automation in the Metal Stamping Industry

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In a quest to become more efficient, cost effective, and lean, many industries have implemented various automation initiatives into their business strategies. It has been no different for the manufacturing industry. As more equipment becomes automated, manufacturers are utilizing these machines in their production processes. Investing in automation has certainly become prevalent and it helps […]

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Why we Celebrated MFG Day 2013!

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Everyone at American Industrial Company was excited about this year’s National Manufacturing Day. Held all across the U.S. on October 4, MFG Day is a celebration of everything that is unique about America’s manufacturers. According to their website, MFG Day was created to, “…address common misperceptions about manufacturing by giving manufactures an opportunity to open their […]