A family-owned metal stamping company, American Industrial Company (AIC) has over 35 years of experience with the manufacturing of commercial lighting fixture components.

Design and Prototyping

As with any product, lighting fixtures begin with the design and prototyping phases. Many metal stampers, American Industrial included, are capable of offering these critical preliminary services.

For example, at AIC, we maintain a team of highly experienced, skilled design engineers who can work with you to refine and perfect your lighting fixture or lighting fixture component design. We also offer prototyping services, with a fleet of equipment used exclusively for this purpose. This makes it easy to test the physical properties and aesthetic appearance of your lighting fixture or component and allows any issues to be addressed before starting full-scale production.

Full-Scale Production

When the design is completed and prototypes have been approved, full-scale production of your lighting fixture or component can begin.

At American Industrial, we build the production tooling in-house. Our tool room is stocked with everything we need to produce high-precision tooling, from drill presses and mills to wire EDM cutters. Our production press room is stocked with 12 of the newest, most state-of-the-art stamping presses available today. Press type, bed size, and tonnage vary, allowing us to handle orders of any size.

Quality Assurance and Secondary Services

No production process is complete without a stringent quality assurance program, which American Industrial provides for our clients through the use of various measuring systems, optical comparators, and hardness testers.

We also offer a range of value-added secondary services; by providing these services in-house, we help to save you both the time and cost of contracting them to third parties. Deburring, tapping, grinding, machining, drilling, welding, are just a few of the secondary services we offer to ensure that your parts are fully completed when they leave our facility.

Ensuring Optimal Quality

Producing high-quality lighting fixtures and lighting fixture components is a multistage process involving a range of services. Working with a metal stamper that can perform all necessary processes for the manufacture of these products will not only reduce costs and downtime, it will also help ensure optimal quality.

To help our partners find the right metal stamper, we created the ultimate metal stamper vendor guide.  Click here to download your free copy of the Metal Stamper Must-Haves Guide.

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