At American Industrial Company we offer our customers a comprehensive metal stamping service using state-of-the-art metal stamping machines. Utilizing the most up to date and technologically advanced machinery, American Industrial Company is able to offer the widest range of precision stamped parts in the industrial marketplace.

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Our shop features metal stamping machines used for applications including forming, bending, secondary, coining, progressive, shallow draw, piercing, and blanking. We have added automated capabilities to enhance our metal stamping processes to monitor repeatability and part progression through the process.

The expert machinists at American Industrial Company have extensive experience working with our equipment and are experienced on all of our metal stamping machines to manufacture parts that meet the tight tolerances required by our customers.

With our precision metal stamping capabilities and metal stamping machines we are able to produce components with unlimited form and extremely high precision. Our versatile and flexible machine shop is ready to cut, form, stamp, weld, and assemble any component required. When secondary services are called for, our shop has the ability to offer a complete array of services to complete any product or assembly.

Our metal stamping machines are complimented with our line of monitoring, inspection, and testing devices. These devices allow us to provide the highest levels of quality assurance.

Our customers rely on the tight tolerances and accurate dimensions on all parts. Our commitment to quality begins with our expert machinists utilizing devices such as sensors, monitors and lasers to supplement the already reliable skill of our team. Combining top-quality metal stamping machines with skilled and experienced craftsmen creates the highest levels of quality in manufacturing today.

No matter the size of the component or the complexity of the part, we have the capabilities and the machines to handle any metal stamping project for any industry. Because of our wide-ranging abilities, OEMs from appliances to sporting goods trust in our accurate and reliable components.


MFG Quantity Tonnage Press Type Bed Size Max. Shut Height Stroke Press Line
Komatsu 1 275 SS, Geared 37″x 95″ 21″ 6.7″ ST 24″ W/ Servo feed, straightener, stock reel
Bliss 1 150 SS, BG 27″ x 48″ 13″ 4″ ST 16″ W/ Servo feed, straightener, stock cradle
Komatsu 2 121 Gap, BG 27″ x 43″ 12 1/2″ 6″ 16″ W/ Servo feed, straightener, stock reel
Bliss 1 110 SS, BG 27″ x 48″ 15″ 3″
Bliss 1 100 SS, BG 27″ x 36″ 9″ 3″ 16″ W/ Servo feed, straightener, stock cradle
Bliss 1 90 SS, BG 27″ x 48″ 13″ 5″
L&J 1 80 OBI 26″ x 36″ 11″ 4″ Servo feed, straightener, stock reel
Bliss 1 60 OBI, BG 24″x32″ 10″ 4″ With feed, straightener, stock reel
Federal 1 50 OBI 18″x30″ 9″ 2″
Accupress 1 60 Brake Press 60″ n/a n/a
VyTek 1 3000 Watt Fiber Optic Laser 48 x 48 n/a n/a


MFG Quantity Description
Fanuc 1 Submersed Auto-threader Wire EDM model Alpha 1CS
Fadal 1 VMC 8030 Machining Center
Super Max 1 2 Axis CNC Vertical Mill
Wilton 1 2 Axis CNC Vertical Mill
Index 1 Vertical Mill
Willis 1 20 x 40 Automatic Programmable Water Grinder
612 Boyar Schultz 1 Surface Grinder
618 Chevalier Surface Grinder 2 Surface Grinder
LeBlond 1 Lathe – 15 in. Swing
Willis 1 48″ Radial Arm Drill Press
Clausing 1 Veriable Speed Drill Press
Kalamazoo 1 Vertical Band Saw
Kalamazoo 1 Cut Off Saw

*AutoCad 2012/Mechanical with Diemaker Design Software


MFG Quantity Description
Micro Vu Vision 1 Measuring System 24 x 24 x 12
Scherr Tumico 1 Optical Comparator with 10x 20x 50x Power
Rockwell 1 Hardness Tester
Numerous Surface Plates n/a n/a
Numerous Gages/Measuring Instruments n/a n/a
Toledo 1 Electronic Scale


Quantity Description
6 3 Ton Cranes
1 5000 lb. capacity Fork Truck
1 4000 lb. Fork Truck
2 Spot Welders
2 Vibratory DeBurring Machines
2 Air Compressors
2 Riveting Machines


  • Laser Prototyping
  • Heat Treating
  • Plating

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