American Industrial Company provides comprehensive manufacturing services, including progressive die stamping for custom products. Progressive die stamping allows us to achieve high production volumes through accurate and cost-effective automated metal forming without compromising on product quality. We offer a full range of metal options, including various forms of steel as well as aluminum, brass, and copper, to better serve our customers. Learn more about the process, the benefits, and how to start your order with AIC.

What Is Progressive Die Stamping?

Progressive die stamping incorporates many different steps into one metal forming process. A metal substrate feeds through a metal stamping die with multiple stations, and each station in the pressing tool performs a different bending or forming action so that the substrate undergoes progressive stages of forming throughout the process. Having one die set containing all the tools needed for a component’s production is more efficient than traditional processes, which require multiple tools that the operator will switch out after each press. Progressive die stamping allows for the fast and cost-effective production of more accurate goods.

The following industries benefit from progressive die stamping services:

Progressive Die Stamping Process

Die stamping processes vary based on the type and complexity of the product. Progressive stamping, in which a strip of sheet metal pulled from a coil travels across multiple stations where it’s pressed, bent, punched, and formed into a progressively more modified and complete shape, allows manufacturers to produce complex goods without straining the metal or slowing down production.

The progressive stamping process follows these steps:

  1. An operator places the die (or series of dies) into a stamping press.
  2. The die opens as the stamping press moves up, and the metal sheet feeds into the device.
  3. When the press moves down, the die closes, with each station of the die performing its specific part of the forming process.
  4. The press again moves up, and the substrate moves through to the next station through feed progression. This process continues until the metal has traveled through each die station to achieve its final form.
  5. Once a part reaches the final station of the die, the finished product ejects and moves on to finishing or packaging processes.

At these stations, progressive die stamping creates precisely formed metal products through:

Progressive Die Stamping Process

  • Bending
  • Burnishing
  • Coining
  • Cutting
  • Drawing
  • Embossing
  • Extruding
  • Lacing
  • Shaving

Benefits of Progressive Die Stamping

The key advantage of progressive die stamping is its efficiency. Rather than using highly manual and time-intensive processes that can slow down production and increase labor costs, progressive die stamping uses automatable processes to quickly develop workpieces into large volumes of finished goods. Some of the specific benefits of progressive die stamping include:Benefits of Progressive Die Stamping

  • Cost-efficiency. This process does not require a significant investment in human labor and, as it boosts productivity, the cost per unit is relatively low as well.
  • Decreased downtime and increased productivity. Traditionally, operators would need to install different dies for each step in a sequence of forming processes. Progressive die stamping, however, removes those delays to achieve rapid production.
  • High-volume production and long runs. Automated machines can produce complex and repeatable parts without interruptions, making this an ideal process for larger production runs.
  • Material usage. Progressive die stamping makes use of most of the substrate and also reduces the risk of cracked pieces and errors, decreasing total scrap waste.
  • Minimal setup. Even for complex goods, operators can quickly install progressive dies into a machine in a single step for setup.
  • Quality repeatability. Manufacturers can produce large volumes of virtually identical goods without introducing the risk of human error.

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