A secondary operation in a manufacturing process can mean almost any post-processing requirement, and can be considered a value added service. At American Industrial Company, because we have been providing our services to so many industries since 1981, we know what secondary services our customers need the most–even the ones that are less common.

To support these requirements, we have one of the most comprehensive lists of services available in the metal fabrication industry. Chances are that if you’re looking for a vendor to manufacture a part, that part is a component of a larger assembly. What saves our customer’s time, money, and headaches is our ability to support them as a single source solution for their fabrication needs.

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We offer a variety of welding and joining options that covers virtually every type of method; this includes MIG, TIG, stick, spot, and resistance welding, as well as brazing and soldering. Also available is a full range of plating options, from anodizing, chromates, oxides, and passivation to chrome, copper, nickel, gold, and tin plating.

These electroless and electro plating methods are carried out in barrel or rack processes that allow for the accommodation of a wide range of part sizes. Other coatings we offer include powder coating, wet painting, and screen printing which is ideal for the application of high quality logos and graphics. And no plating, coating, or paint work is complete without thorough preparation of the substrate.

To ensure the proper adhesion of any of these coatings, we also offer abrasive blasting with a selection media that is matched to the material being cleaned; this includes ceramic, corn cob, plastic, and steel ball. This ensures that only surface impurities are removed, and that the part itself in not damaged or affected in any way.

Providing all of these services is more than just an equipment list; all processes are used as part of a comprehensive production plan, and operated by skilled technicians. Diversity means nothing if it is not accompanied by quality. Our commitment to quality is backed up by our ISO 9001:2008 certification.

Secondary operations offer our customers the options that provide a complete solution for their products. With each project, we will work with you to determine the best solution to meet all of your requirements.

For further information, see the table below for a detailed description of our services, or contact us directly.

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