Metal stamped parts are used in a wide range of applications and industries, but regardless of intended end use, their production processes are largely the same — individually stamped components are assembled into a single, cohesive assembly.

Stamped metal parts are rarely completed after assembly, however, as they usually require secondary machining and finishing processes. Secondary machining encompasses a range of processes, including deburring, tapping, grinding, and riveting. Secondary finishing processes include zinc plating, black oxide and powder coating.

A high-quality metal stamper such as American Industrial Company (AIC) will be able to offer all of these services while adhering to strict ISO 9001:2015 standards. One brief case study, outlined below, illustrates how these capabilities were put to use for a client in the power tool industry — one of AIC’s areas of specialty.

This client, a longtime AIC customer, was dealing with a part shortage and required an order of 100,000 progressive die stamped custom actuator switches. Because we keep tooling on hand at all times and stock a range of materials, , we were able to begin manufacturing the order almost immediately. And despite expediting production, we easily maintained tolerances.

Construction Applications

Custom metal stamping is also often required within the construction industry; like the power tool industry, stamped parts in the construction sector must be reliable, long-lasting, and durable.

Because construction environments are often harsh or aggressive, the parts used in these applications must be specifically designed to withstand rigorous wear and often must be able to resist large fluctuations in temperature, as well as maintain corrosion and rust resistance. High-strength value requirements are also common, as stamped metal parts are frequently used in the construction of populated buildings, in which safety is paramount.

This makes material selection particularly important; each project will have different requirements, and alloys must be carefully selected to ensure the completed parts meet all specifications. Alloys of aluminum and a variety of stainless steels are among the most common materials used for custom construction metal stamping products.

Our Clients

Since our founding in 1981, AIC has worked with many well-known companies in both the power tool and construction tool industries.

One longtime customer from the power tool industry, Paslode, a division of Illinois Tool Works, designs and manufactures industry-leading fastening solutions with a focus on improved worksite efficiency. Notably, they manufacture air, pneumatic and gas, and cordless power tools, as well as specialized framing tools and products.

ITW Construction Service also makes use of AIC stamped metal parts. ITW Construction Service is the factory direct parts replacement division of ITW Construction Companies, representing brands including ITW Industrial Fastening, Panel Fastening Systems, and Duo-Fast Construction. Featuring AIC stamped metal parts, ITW’s products include powder-actuated parts for a range of power tools.

Work with AIC

AIC’s top-notch engineering talent, industry-leading tool and die craftsmanship, and state-of-the-art manufacturing technology set us a step above the competition, and we’re proud to have earned the trust of  premier tool and construction companies such as Paslode and ITW Construction Service.

Equipped with the highest-quality modern technology, our facility allows for a range of automation capabilities and can easily expedite large and complex jobs. We also institute strict quality management inspection and testing procedures for all projects.

Selecting the right metal stamping supplier for your project can be difficult. Review this quick guide to learn what criteria to keep in mind to avoid mistakes and find a suitable vendor for your next project.


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