At American Industrial Company, we now offer our customers the benefits of laser cutting with our brand-new Vytek FiberCAB44 laser cutting system. One of the most advanced laser cutting systems currently on the market, the Vytek FiberCAB44 is used to produce high accuracy and high precision cuts at fast production speeds.

The FiberCAB44 system uses fiber optic technology to focus its laser beam, which results in amplified beam strength and reduced spot size, producing even better precision and cleaner cut edges. Our machinery uses a combination of linear motor drives and robust precision grade linear gear drives, increasing cutting speeds and accuracy.

Additionally, the FiberCAB44 offers increased energy efficiency, rapid cutting speeds, higher precision, and cleaner cut edges compared to traditional CO2 lasers. Tolerances as small as ±0.002” can easily be achieved with the laser cutting technology.

Our FiberCAB44 laser provides 3 kW of power and can cut through a variety of materials up to ¼” thick, including stainless steel (with or without film coatings), aluminum, and steel. The FiberCAB44 is capable of cutting many other materials as well, such as titanium, coated and plated metals, ceramics, and opaque plastics.

Typical applications include high-speed sheet metal cutting, blank cutting, plate cutting, laser die cutting, formed parts, stencils and signs. The precision laser cutting and speed of the FiberCAB44, especially on thin materials, dramatically decreases lead times and reduces material scraps.

We are confident that the laser cutting capabilities at American Industrial Company will provide our customers with production efficiency and low cost, high quality products.

In addition to custom laser cutting, our team at American Industrial Company provides services for the entire product development process. These services are available to help customers with everything from in-house design and reverse engineering to rapid prototyping, stamping, and assembly for large and small production runs.

On top of these additional laser cutting services, we also offer value-added services, including deburring, welding, plating, painting, and more. Our facility is ISO 9001:2008 certified, guaranteeing superior product quality.

Our facility equipment and machinery offer our customers the greatest and most efficient services available. Contact American Industrial today to learn more about our custom laser cutting services.


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