Metal stamping supplies commonly used in precision metal stamping and assembly services vary widely from project to project.

As a full service manufacturer of parts and components, American Industrial Company is well equipped with all the metal stamping supplies needed for any job. With extensive knowledge of the metalworking industry and the customers we serve, we are prepared for any project, no matter what the size or how complex.

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We offer precision metal stamping processes such as piercing, blanking, bending, forming, shallow draw, coining, and progressive. Our in-house die tooling capabilities are the key to our successful precision stamping services.

These tooling services provide the advance solutions and metal stamping supplies that are needed to produce high-quality and accurate parts. For intricate and complex parts, metal stamping processes rely on dies manufactured from the highest quality tool steels and pre-hardened materials. We take great pride in having all these metal stamping supplies on-hand and available when we need them.

In stock metal stamping supplies also include the materials that parts are made from: stainless steel, galvanized steel, high and low carbon steel, cold/hot rolled steel, high strength low alloy, aluminum, copper, and brass. Supplies for all secondary operations including machining, finishing, and assembly processes are accessible and ready to be utilized.

Our ability to maintain metal stamping supplies sets us above the competition and makes us a reliable partner for OEMs needing precision metal stamped parts. Understanding our customer’s needs and anticipating future needs lets us be a full-service provider.

Keeping precision metal stamping supplies in stock enables us to meet quick turnarounds and short delivery times. We operate an ISO 9001:2008 certified facility and follow lean manufacturing principles. Our customers know that we can meet their production schedules with the quality, accuracy, and reliability they have come to expect from American Industrial Company.

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