At American Industrial Company, we have specialized in metal stamping since 1981. Our business and all of our services are based on the quality manufacturing of stamped products.

As a stamped metal part is usually a component of a larger assembly, we support the complete manufacturing of entire assemblies. This places us as a single source solution for customers seeking a one-stop manufacturer.

Our metal stamping services encompass many processes; these include progressive die stamping, coining or shallow draw stamping, blanking, piercing, laser cutting, bending, and forming. These processes and our manufacturing operation are designed for the forming of a wide range of materials.

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Some of the most common metals we work with include stainless, cold/hot rolled and galvanized steels, as well as aluminum, brass, copper, and high strength low alloy steel (HSLA).

Our presses and equipment can form these metals in thicknesses from 0.005″ to 0.188″ and to tolerances of ±0.001″.

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Because we are a flexible manufacturer, we can handle small and large runs alike, and it’s the features of our long run capabilities that ensure long tooling life and guarantee the dimensional consistency of the finished part.

Some of these protective systems include automatic part ejection, load tonnage monitors, proximity sensors, and various other die protection measures.

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Die protection is just one avenue of quality assurance; in each production volume class, quality control is an integral part of the process.

In-process inspections include the use of a wide array of advanced metrology systems; these include very precise visual measuring systems, Microvu cameras, various infra-red retro reflective lasers, and fiber optic inspection systems.

Though our primary capabilities are metal forming, we are, after all, a single source for metal fabrication, and as such provide a vast array of pre and post processing services.

Before your project even gets to the shop floor, we can provide assistance with design development, engineering, and material selection, then deliver with a prototype or short run for functional validation.

After your parts are formed, we can provide a very large list of finishing options; these include a number of welding processes, such as brazing and soldering, deburring, drilling, tapping, grinding, and riveting.

Heat treating is available to virtually any hardness requirement, as is electo and electroless plating, powder coating, screen printing, and the list goes on.

Once your parts are manufactured, we can also supply you with the logistical support that can be tailored to your exact production needs. Dock to Stock, Kanbans, and Just In Time (JIT) deliveries–being a single source means we do everything.

All of this and more is available for production runs as small as a single part up to 1,000,000, all with typical lead times of 2 to 4 weeks.

Using lean manufacturing principles and the methodologies of our ISO 9001:2008 certification, we can assist you in every facet of production to ensure competitive pricing, high quality and short delivery times.

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