American Industrial Company’s metal stamping services specialize in the manufacturing of precision industrial components for a wide range of industries. Our metal stamping capabilities are known throughout industry for their accuracy, strength, and reliability.

Comprehensive metal stamping processes provided by American Industrial include bending, forming, progressive, secondary, blanking, piercing, coining, and shallow draw. We are able to work in many different types of metals including steel (stainless, high and low carbon, galvanized, and cold/hot rolled), high strength low allow (HSLA), aluminum, copper, and brass. Our extensive metal stamping capabilities and materials options enable us to manufacture parts that are used in appliances, furniture, cars, construction, sporting goods, medical equipment, lighting, and many other industrial and commercial applications.

For components with thicknesses ranging from 0.005″ to 0.188″, our precision metal stamping services are the right solution. Working to tolerances of ±0.001″ guarantees that our components will fit into the application as specified. Our various metal stamping capabilities produce the highest quality, industry-leading products, no matter what the industry is. Working with AIC means that industry leaders trust and value the expertise we provide.

Within each metal stamping process our expert machinists are continually monitoring each step using high tech equipment such as lasers, sensors, and fiber optics.  Using state-of-the-art equipment, components undergo a full inspection and testing process to assure quality. This quality assurance is built in to each and every process so that we continually manufacture parts that exceed our customer’s standards and expectations. In order to produce the tight-tolerance components that meet the needs of highly precise applications, we understand the complexities of metal stamping and take quality to the highest level.

In addition to metal stamping, we offer a full range of secondary services to provide a complete fabrication experience. Parts that are formed through metal stamping can be deburred, drilled, grinded, riveted, tapped, machined, welded, painted, plated and heat treated to meet the requirements outlined in the specifications. American Industrial Company is your one-stop source for all metal stamping and assembly projects.

American Industrial Company can handle complex and challenging metal stamping tasks for any industry. With the extensive services we provide, all metal stamping components will exceed requirements. Contact us today to discuss our capabilities or details for a specific project. No matter how big or small a project or component is, American Industrial Company has the metal stamping capabilities to meet them all.

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